Saturday, December 8, 2007

Germany moves to ban Scientology

Go Germany! STORY

Criticism from the US State Department? No way! I still can't believe this obvious con-cult is regarded as religion by anybody. A sci-fi writer (a sh**ty one at that) comes up with a religion, and suddenly there are tons of morons worldwide flocking to it? Ridiculous.

No wonder political parties like the Nazis can come in to power, if people are dumb enough to believe this s**t. No wonder Germany is the first to step in and stop this dangerous cult from existing in their country.

AIM and Google chat

You can now sign in to AIM from your Google chat function in Gmail. You simply have to click the dropdown arrow next to your name, and select sign in to AIM. Nice.
I love this, because I use Google chat all the time when I am at work, so now I can chat with people on my AIM list too, all without installing a client.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Space Aged

I was reading an article on so called "green" office buildings when I noticed the author kept using the phrase "built with Space Aged materials."

What, exactly, does that crap mean? Is Space Aged a company that makes modern building materials? Are these materials from some future age where we live in space and these things are teleported back through time for us? Does it mean the materials were aged for years in space to improve them? Tell me, what the f**k does this mean?

I mean, we're obviously using them here and now. Wouldn't they really just be modern building materials? Are you some geriatric author whose intellect is still blown away by the concept of the computer? Are you, in fact, thinking you are typing away on a "space aged" input device?

The mind boggles.