Saturday, June 7, 2008

Why Liberals Should Love The Second Amendment

Fantastic blog about the 2nd amendment.

Why Liberals Should Love The Second Amendment

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Maryland - Land of Storms

So, I'm in Maryland for a month. This Wednesday, a major storm front decided to blow through. And I mean through. Trees down, houses shattered, businesses wrecked, and power lost for hundreds of thousands of us. They're still trying to figure out if tornadoes touched down anywhere.

We lost power at my office around 3pm Wednesday. We left at 4, figuring there was no sense in staring at a blank monitor any longer. Of course, the hotel was without power as well. UNTIL 4AM!

Well, this morning I woke up late, due to the alarm clock not going off (battery backup my ass!) and my phone - on which I had set an alarm - running out of juice sometime during the night. I tried to check with the office, but didn't get a response, so we drove in late. And we left almost as soon as we got there. Still no power. Power company doesn't really expect to get it back on until sometime Friday.

Ok, late breakfast at IHop, after which we went back to the hotel. The hotel that LOST POWER AGAIN. Yes, in working diligently to restore power to the 40,000 Maryland residents who were without, the power company here accidentally turned it back off on a few thousand more people.

Thankfully, it's back on now. Who knows how long that's is going to last. I'm off to play Age of Conan before the power lapses again!

Sunday, June 1, 2008


The wife visited me in Maryland for the Memorial weekend. She got really sick on the last day, and then I got it, so this is late.

Played some mini-golf. I won. (Suck it, honey!)

Saw some black squirrels. We don't have those in NY, so we were intrigued.

And a regular grey squirrel. (Squirrelus-get-shotimus)