Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fantastic Day + Walther PPS

This has been one of the best days in recent memory. I got laid off today, which sounds horrible, but is actually awesome. 2 months of sitting on my ass, and then I am starting school again. I think I am working towards eventually opening my own firearms shop.

Then, right after I get the good news, the sheriff's office calls and tells me my coupon is in. I go pick up my new baby, and come home to find the two magazines I ordered for it in the mail! And as a bonus, the Dunkin' coffee and donuts tasted fabulous today!

Walther PPS .40 S&W with 6 round magazine.

Walther PPS with 7 round magazine.

I used to (until Friday) work with computers. But IT just isn't the way is used to be. Everyone is downsizing to increase their bottom line (read: screwing the employees so that the bosses/shareholders can buy another Mercedes), so IT folks need to wear 15 hats to keep their ever dwindling salaries. Now, if you can't program, create web pages, fix hardware, and learn every damn OS, program, DB, and network protocol on the planet, you can't find work. And employers want you to get certifications that cost big bucks, that they won't pay for.

So, I am done with that s**t. I am going back to school for business. If I can't work out my own business plan, at least I will have knowledge to get me a job outside of the IT sector. Plus, I love taking classes, it's just a few hours a day to be a "full time" student, and I can laze around for 18 months. More time to shoot.

Now, excuse me, I am going to request a reloading press for Christmas this year.