Monday, March 31, 2008

Gator on the golf course, stupid journalist.


Despite being one of the world's greatest players, all eyes were on the large amphibian instead of Davis Love III as it rambled into the golfer's game.

There are so many things wrong with that paragraph, all I can do is laugh. All Eyes is one of the greatest golf players? An alligator is an amphibian? Davis Love III rambled in to the golfer's game?

Fucking moron. You and your editor should both be smacked with a 5th grade English textbook.

200 lb bear, or complete wuss? You decide.


Kittens. It was chased up a tree by kittens. They aren't the only pussies involved in the story, I guess.

Stupid bear.

Blues News link!

Thanks to Bluesnews for linking my picture of the Lambda vandalism. (Gordon Freeman Lives!)

It's not the first news item I have submitted that they have run (or even the first thing I have written that was linked to), but it's the first link to my personal blog. Cool!

PvP Payback

This annoying Horde hunter named Yugiia decided to join in on the fun near the Sunwell and helped gank me a few times. (Ravenholdt is Horde heavy, and there is no shortage of 5 man gank squads out to ruin the playtime of any Alliance character.)

I found Yugiia trying to complete a quest that resets every time you die. You can guess the rest. If not, the picture below will help you.

Yes, I have some "welfare" PvP epics. I also have a decent epic gun from Karazhan, and epic ammo for my gun, which is much more important as a Hunter. (Ranged DPS needs a good ranged weapon? No way!) After destroying Yugiia a few times, I decided to look him up to see why he was so easy to kill when he wasn't with his buddies. Aside from an obvious lack of skill, he has some pretty crap equipment, and a really crap ranged weapon.

But he's got glowing shoulder pads! That's important, right?

Gordon Freeman Lives!

Apparently the Half-Life resistance group is alive and well in Endicott, NY.

There could very well be Combine soldiers lurking in there, waiting to ambush you when you go looking for ammo and health packs.

Sadly, this building is not alone in making Endicott look like a post-apocalyptic city straight out of Half-Life 2.

EDIT: The building in the photo used to be a car dealership. I took the picture because due to the combination of our crappy weather, the run down condition of our town, and the Lambda vandalism, it looks like a screenshot from Half-Life 2.

Neverlate Executive alarm clock by American Innovative

My wife bought me this for Christmas. (Sort of, long story.) The first one we got was nice, until the second week when the light would flicker brighter and then go completely black. There was nothing I could do to the clock to turn the light back on until it decided to turn itself back on, so as a clock, it was pretty useless.

American Innovative was nice enough to replace it for free, and they shipped one out without requiring that we return the defective one. That's great, except the replacement seems to have one brightness setting: Holy-shit-where-are-my-sunglasses? Rather than screw with it, I think I am going to just buy some dark, transparent tape and tone down the brightness a bit.

For those of you who don't want to ruin a $70 alarm clock, here is what it looks like disassembled.