Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jeffery A. Miron - My hero of the week

Mr. Miron espouses the legalization of drugs to stem the violence caused by prohibition.

I, and many, many others, have been towing this line for years. For some reason, the US government refuses to admit the "war on drugs" is a shitty idea. Yeah, thousands of deaths and billions of dollars a year is a way better idea guys. Not to mention prison overcrowding. And poverty.

Mr. Miron - I salute you!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Newspaper companies going out of business

Is anyone really surprised by the fact that newspaper companies are folding left and right? The very media that rallies around cries of global warming contributes to waste that's bad for the enviroment any way you look at it.

In a world of get with the times or get lost, newspapers chose to ignore the last few years of warning signs. People don't want to wait for the news to be delivered when they can read about it as it's happening. They don't want to pay for pages and pages of journalism (a lot of it shitty journalism, by the way) when they only want the sports scores, or the world headlines. Hell, most people don't want to pay at all, considering you can get all of the news you want online without paying a dime.

Mourning the downfall of newspapers is like mourning the downfall of town criers. It's a clunky, outdated inteface that had to make way for the new way of passing data. Deal with it and move on.