Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mountain Dew: Gamer Fuel

My brother suggested I would love the new Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel soda, since I liked their Pitch Black soda.

I remembered too late that my brother is a dumbass.

This stuff is the most heinous soda I have tried since Pepsi Clear. It doesn't really appear to have a taste, it just kind of overloads your tongue with a "what the f**k are you drinking!?!" sensation, and couples that with enough caffeine to give a hippo the shakes. Not exactly the sugary-grape soda that Pitch Black was. Not even in the same league. It's more of barely legal substance designed to cause the underage children on Xbox LIVE to act a little more like they have Tourette's syndrome than they already do.

More on crying monks...

Techdirt has some good advice for those cry-baby Shaolin monks.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Selling my old WoW PC

And it's up on Craigslist.

If you live around the Binghamton, NY area and need a decent PC to play games with, check it out HERE.

Shaolin Monks and the nation of China cry like girls about "teh internetz bulliez"

Please, if you read anything on the Internet, grow thicker skin.


Basically China and the monks are crying because someone on the Internet claimed that several Shaolin monks were beaten in hand to hand combat by a Japanese ninja. The government is demanding an apology from the anonymous user who made the claims.

In other words, the monks and the government were both beaten by someone on the Internet.
Or, in the style of forums everywhere: "QQ sum more, Shaolin bitchez!"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Recovery: Two Weeks

It's now two weeks after my LASIK surgery. I'm still don't have perfect vision, but it's clearing up nicely. Up close it's mostly clear, bu far away things start to get a bit blurry. It's mostly in my left eye, though, which was always worse than my right eye. It's probably just going to take longer for the left eye to return to normal.

Also, I still have halos at night. Of course, I started off with halos and starbursts before the surgery, due to large pupils, so still having them isn't much of a problem. The staff at LASIK Pro Vision assured me that they will go away. Whether or not they do, I don't care. I had them before, I can deal with them now. They just look different.

Monday, August 27, 2007


Are there any other dumbasses out there who cannot pronounce this word, or is it just pharmacists? Six years of college and you can't read a 6th grade vocabulary word? Don't you people have to pass some sort of test to dispense drugs? Or is it that you're so used to pronouncing crazy pharmaceutical words that you can no longer do so with normal words?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Thought of the Day

The government doesn't fear threats to the country, they fear threats to their control of the country.


On the weekends, our customers always have people working in their stores that know even less than the regular weekday people. That in itself is an amazing achievement.

The number one call reason on the weekends? "We had a power outage and now the system isn't working."

And the number one solution: Turn it on.

The really sad part is this: These customers have to go through their corporate help desk first, before they get to me. That's two sets of geniuses that can't put two and two together. Uh, guys? I have a five year old nephew who could tell you what you need to do.

Now today, today I was dazzled with the most brilliant example of shining idiocy I have ever experienced.

Customer: "Do you know why this happens?"

Me: "Er, why what happens, ma'am?"

Customer: "Why the system no longer functions after we lose power."

Me: "Uh, what?"

Customer: "Is that too difficult for you to explain?"

Me: "..."

These are not the droids you seek...

Technorati Profile can go about your business. Move along.

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