Sunday, August 26, 2007


On the weekends, our customers always have people working in their stores that know even less than the regular weekday people. That in itself is an amazing achievement.

The number one call reason on the weekends? "We had a power outage and now the system isn't working."

And the number one solution: Turn it on.

The really sad part is this: These customers have to go through their corporate help desk first, before they get to me. That's two sets of geniuses that can't put two and two together. Uh, guys? I have a five year old nephew who could tell you what you need to do.

Now today, today I was dazzled with the most brilliant example of shining idiocy I have ever experienced.

Customer: "Do you know why this happens?"

Me: "Er, why what happens, ma'am?"

Customer: "Why the system no longer functions after we lose power."

Me: "Uh, what?"

Customer: "Is that too difficult for you to explain?"

Me: "..."

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