Thursday, July 24, 2008

Stargate Contiuum - Almost had it today!

My local Stupid City had Stargate Continuum on the shelves today. Sweet! Of course I grabbed one and ran to a register. Unfortunately, they now have an idiot warning that comes up and tells them that the movie hasn't been released yet and that they aren't allowed to sell it. Oh well, I tried.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Burn Notice

I'm unemployed. Being unemployed, my only "job" is to find a job. Finding a job involves several hours of intense work: Writing a resume, some cover letters, finding job opening that you are somewhat even remotely qualified for, watching the job boards, networking with friends, and trips to the post office.

It also involves lots and lots and LOTS of waiting around. I don't know if you know this, but waiting around is the major leading cause of heart attacks in otherwise healthy people. It's true, I read it in *cough**mumble* one time. It's very stressful wondering how you are going to make your mortgage and car payments while people dick around with your resume.

So, while you are waiting around, trying not to have a heart attack, it's nice to have something to do. I have lots of hobbies. Most of them require money. Money is something I'm trying to conserve right now, being unemployed and all. There's a point here, wait for it....

So, being that I don't have and sort of television, it's hard to discover new shows when they are airing on TV. I found this one new show, Burn Notice, because Amazon was nice enough - in that sort of crack dealer nice enough, here's a free taste, you come back now when you start shaking way - to let me watch an episode for free. Burn Notice is funny, well written, witty, and just downright damn good. I was surprised, considering the amount of absolute shit on TV right now.

Hey, from me that's a downright glowing review. You should watch it, it's great. And, oh yeah, Bruce Campbell is in it.