Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rocky Mountain, "Hi!"

Define irony: Being in the Rocky Mountains and having no cell phone service, but yet I have Wi-Fi for my laptop.

I'm a dope, I forgot to bring my laptop charger, so I'm running out of juice. I'll update when I get home on Tuesday, but until then I leave you with my Rocky Mountain "Hi!".

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The only way to power level

Yeah, my desk is a bit cluttered right now. Being unemployed makes you lazy, what else can I say?

So, for having 2 linked accounts, my guys get 3x the experience you normally get when grouped together. Add this to the fact that for every 2 levels the guy on my new account gains, he can assign a level to one of my alts who is lower than him, which means I will really be leveling 3 of my characters. Also, once my payments kick in, I get a cool mount.

You see, they announced all of this right as our World of Warcraft credit card started paying out free months of play, and right as Circuit City put the WoW Warchest on sale for half off. Hmmm, still only paying for once account, but reaping the benefits of 2? Sign me up!

Yes, I am a fanatic. Hey, I've got nothing else to do right now.