Thursday, February 19, 2009

Commentary: NY Post cartoon is racist and careless


Point blank, this guy and everyone else who feels the spectre of racism in something as innocent as this cartoon is a fucking idiot. You know why you see racism everywhere you look? Because that's what you want to find there. You enjoy playing the repressed minority card.

By his own admission:

What could be seen as silly humor if President George W. Bush were in the White
House has to be seen through the lens of America's racist past, as noted by the
leaders of the New York Association of Black Journalists, who also are demanding
an apology from the Post.

Why? Why does it now have to been seen through any lens? Why must you now twist it?

Listen, Klan members twist the Bible to say that God hates non-whites, even though clearly Jesus was not a white guy. (Hello, born in the Middle East? See many white guys born there, do you?) This is the same shit. You are twisting something to mean what you want it to mean.

To the editors who approved the cartoon, as well as the cartoonist, the piece was clearly all fun and laughs. But anyone with half a brain, especially someone knowing the history of African-Americans being called monkeys and gorillas, would have said, "We need to rethink this."

To anyone with half a brain, it was all fun and laughs. When was it popular nation wide to call black people monkeys? Before I can remember, that's for sure. WWII? Korea? Get the fuck over it already.

Listen, shit like this is why racism continues. Face it, you are a racist. You hate white people, so you look for hidden jabs everywhere, because you know whitey is out to get you. You closet racists on both end of the spectrum need to knock this shit off so the rest of us don't have to deal with it anymore. People are people, regardless of their race. And stupid assholes are stupid assholes, regardless of skin color.

And you, sir, are a stupid asshole.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Lord of the Rings Online

Got tired of World of Warcraft. Started playing LOTRO again. Still love the high end graphics.