Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another "World of Warcraft is addictive!" fluff piece.


"The participants in my study reported that their husbands played an average of 40.8 hours a week, the equivalent of a full-time job. How many other leisure activities do you know of that consistently command that much attention?”

Um, I can name several right off the top of my head. Let's start with TV. Then sports. Hanging out at bars. Knitting (My wife's addiction...). Cooking. The list goes on.

Say it with me: No hobby is addictive. Some people are just prone to be addicted to what they do. Get over it or find another planet to live on.


I finally scraped enough dough together to purchase myself an Amazon Kindle. I'm excited. My house has a few bookshelves overflowing with books, and more books are stuffed into boxes. The Kindle will let me continue to buy new books without having to fill up my house with bookshelves. Plus, it's pretty convenient that I can buy books whenever and wherever I want. As a bonus, books are about half price on the Kindle as well.

I guess they are on back order right now, but I'll try it out and write up a review when it comes in.