Friday, August 17, 2012


TAMMS-Online POS. It's a piece of shit, all right. Oh, point of sales? No, no really so much.

First of all, it's a glorified DOS program. Yes, this program has a user interface that most people under 30 have never had to use in their lives. It's ornery, it's archaic, and it's hard to use.

Secondly, you cannot do ANYTHING in TAMMS unless it can connect to the database server. Internet down due to a storm? Too bad, NO SALES FOR YOU! Their DB down? NO SALES FOR YOU! It's ridiculous.

And lastly, they just lost all of my sales data for the past 17 days due to a database drive going down. ALL OF MY SALES DATA! My inventory is fucked now. My tax records are going to require rebuilding by hand from thousands of receipts. Half of the time when I try to sell something the system won't let me because that item has no record in the system.

My advice? Do NOT use TAMMS. It's $200 a month for software that should have been upgraded decades ago, and for a database that will get wiped on you when there is any sort of glitch. It's just not worth it. Find something better. Hell, Quickbooks register is better. Just make sure to use an offsite backup as well as an onsite backup.

I'm so mad now I can barely type, so excuse my grammar and shit for this one post, mmkay?