Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Binghamton Shootings - Police Error

In this story on CNN, Binghamton Police Chief Zikuski states that they are looking in to the suspects body armor, because only law enforcement officials are allowed to purchase it.

That is false. In NY state, it is legal to purchase, possess, and wear body armor. It is illegal to wear it while committing a crime. Which is stupid, since you already happen to be committing a crime, I'm going to go ahead and say you don't really care about the extra felony there.

From the NYS penal code:

Section 270.20 Unlawful wearing of a body vest
1. A person is guilty of the unlawful wearing of a body vest
when acting either alone or with one or more other persons he commits any
violent felony offense defined in section 70.02 while possessing a firearm,
rifle or shotgun and in the course of and in furtherance of such crime he wears
a body vest.

2. For the purposes of this section a
"body vest" means a bullet-resistant soft body armor providing, as a minimum
standard, the level of protection known as threat level I which shall mean at
least seven layers of bullet-resistant material providing protection from three
shots of one hundred fifty-eight grain lead ammunition fired from a .38 calibre
handgun at a velocity of eight hundred fifty feet per second.

The unlawful wearing of a body vest is a class E felony.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good bye hot tub, hello man-cave!

As friends and long-time followers of this blog remember, when we bought our house there was a hot tub sunken in to the back room off of the dining room. It's been an eye sore for just over two years now, and we finally got someone to take it out for us. (Thank you, Anthony Rovente!)

Before - Hot tub slightly elevated due to jacks.

After - Dancing with joy because the idiotic sunken hot tub is gone!

Obviously, I hate the color orange. And having my picture taken when I am not making a strange face. (On purpose, that is...)

I am painting two walls a nice, natural reddish-orange clay color, and the other two walls are going to be dark sage. We're going to be using the same slate tiles for the floor that we used in our bathroom, which happens to be right next door. Then I have to put in a heating vent, replace the light fixture with something less dirty and disgusting, replace the light switch , electric socket, and cover plates, have an electrician add another socket and move the existing one to another circuit, and drill holes to run ethernet - and I have the perfect man cave!