Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pistol caliber carbine ammo

Pistol Caliber Carbines - Ammo hassle?

I'm normally very wordy, so I'm going to try to keep this short by bullet pointing.

  • Live in NY currently, don't plan to get a NY pistol permit, as it's freakin' $300.

  • Bought a Hi-Point 995 for less than $200

  • Plan to dress it up and make it a bit nicer soon. (ATI stock, Bushman handle, barrel shroud, etc...)

  • Wanted to shoot it, ya know, to make sure it works. (Issues with feeding 2nd round every time, already have an email in to Hi-Point.)

So, I went to Gander to find some ammo. White box Winchester for $24 per 100 rounds? Ok, I'll take a box. Then the guy tells me he needs to see my pistol permit. Sorry man, no permit, this is for a pistol caliber carbine.

He looks at me like he has no clue. So I tried to explain. "Short rifle that fires pistol ammo?" Still blank. "It's a 995 by Hi-Point." Then he basically calls me a liar and says nobody makes rifles that fire pistol ammo. "Really? You've never heard of, oh, AN UZI?" He tells me of course he has heard of UZIs, but that they are sub-machine guns. Sure are, but they have PISTOL CALIBER CARBINES with fixed stocks for those of us who live in fascist states like NY.

10 minutes later, he finally gives me the ammo and tells me to bring my permit the next time. The one I don't have? Sure, I'll do that, jackass.

So, today, I decided "Screw gander, I'll go to Wally world." EHHHHHHN! Wrong answer. The manager at the firearms counter acted like I was a criminal, asking for pistol ammo without a permit. Then he told me it was against the law to sell it without a pistol permit. Of course right in front of him is a large sign with HUGE letters saying that in order to buy pistol ammo you have to be 21. NOWHERE does it state you have to have a pistol permit.

Does anybody else get hassled like this buying ammo for a Hi-Point, CX4, or other PCC? Or am I just lucky?