Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good bye hot tub, hello man-cave!

As friends and long-time followers of this blog remember, when we bought our house there was a hot tub sunken in to the back room off of the dining room. It's been an eye sore for just over two years now, and we finally got someone to take it out for us. (Thank you, Anthony Rovente!)

Before - Hot tub slightly elevated due to jacks.

After - Dancing with joy because the idiotic sunken hot tub is gone!

Obviously, I hate the color orange. And having my picture taken when I am not making a strange face. (On purpose, that is...)

I am painting two walls a nice, natural reddish-orange clay color, and the other two walls are going to be dark sage. We're going to be using the same slate tiles for the floor that we used in our bathroom, which happens to be right next door. Then I have to put in a heating vent, replace the light fixture with something less dirty and disgusting, replace the light switch , electric socket, and cover plates, have an electrician add another socket and move the existing one to another circuit, and drill holes to run ethernet - and I have the perfect man cave!

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What is a Twizzot? said...

Gratz on the man cave... but now where are you going to put all the random shit you had hidden away in the hot tub room?