Saturday, September 1, 2007

Mountain Dew: Gamer Fuel

My brother suggested I would love the new Mountain Dew Gamer Fuel soda, since I liked their Pitch Black soda.

I remembered too late that my brother is a dumbass.

This stuff is the most heinous soda I have tried since Pepsi Clear. It doesn't really appear to have a taste, it just kind of overloads your tongue with a "what the f**k are you drinking!?!" sensation, and couples that with enough caffeine to give a hippo the shakes. Not exactly the sugary-grape soda that Pitch Black was. Not even in the same league. It's more of barely legal substance designed to cause the underage children on Xbox LIVE to act a little more like they have Tourette's syndrome than they already do.

1 comment:

Patrick said...

That shit is VILE! I got it because I too liked the pitch black, but this gamer fuel. Oh hell. It made my tongue feel like it was growing fur on it. Very very cucky stuff. Reminds me of the blood that melted through everything in aliens....except red of course!