Monday, September 3, 2007


So my wife and I picked up the first season of Heroes when it was released last Tuesday. We don't have any sort of TV programming anymore (Cable, satellite, etc...), so we don't really watch any shows that we can't get on DVD, except for Eureka, which we buy on iTunes. Since we can't watch shows on TV, we often find out just how great some shows are after they have already completed their first season, or - as was the case with Daybreak - after they are done and over with.

We sat down last night and popped the first disc of season one in the DVD player to watch while we ate dinner.

Heroes is so good that one day later we have watched half of the first season, and we're only stopping because we both have to work in the morning.

Just like Prison Break, I'm probably going to be very annoyed that I have to wait until next year for season two on DVD. Maybe someday my wife and I will figure out what we want to do about getting TV again, but I'm actually happy to be without it right now. We seem to accomplish more.

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