Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Cragslist replies to PC ad

Hello, I am interested in the immediate purchase of your item .I am a registered purchasing and sales agent. One of my clients has placed an order for this particular brand and hence the need to negotiate with you on the sales. Please get back to me with your asking price and the scanned pics of the item so that i could forward it to my client for onward assessmenmt. Immediately a response is recieved ,reviewed and terms accepted , I will need your physical mailing and the name which you want the payment addressed. A United State Certified Cashier Check will be send to your address. This Check is cashable the same day you receive it. and this payment will include your payment and some excess funds for the shipping company that will come and pick the item at your residence, so you will have to deduct your payment from the check after you cash it and send the remaining excess funds to the shipping company the same day you cash the check. Hope to hear from you the soonest time,thanks and stay bless.
Carlos Smith

Dear Carlos,

The King of Nigeria called. He'd like his scam back.
Also, please send me a check for 1 million US, from which I will deduct half for wasting my time and send the rest back to you. Promise.


I am responding to your ad reguarding the item you have for sale. I am
interested in learning more specifics about the item. Could you send
me any details that you may have excluded from the ads.I look forward to your response,Thanks
roberth jojo

This was sent to me regardless of the fact that all stats and issues are clearly listed in the ad. You'll notice there's no mention of what "the item" is. Thanks for inquiring, "Roberth". Go suck an egg, I'm not giving you my email so you can spam me.

Hello how are you and the family i hope fine i wanna know the condition of these item
brain ken

My family is fine, thanks for asking, "brain". By the by, most people named Brian don't misspell their name. Also, the condition is listed in the ad, so thanks for proving you're a spambot.

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Rebecca said...


Am very much ineterested in your apartment so get back to me with the
detais of the apartment...Thanks

Wow....glad I googled this guy. It seemed weird that he wrote it that way. :P