Monday, March 31, 2008

PvP Payback

This annoying Horde hunter named Yugiia decided to join in on the fun near the Sunwell and helped gank me a few times. (Ravenholdt is Horde heavy, and there is no shortage of 5 man gank squads out to ruin the playtime of any Alliance character.)

I found Yugiia trying to complete a quest that resets every time you die. You can guess the rest. If not, the picture below will help you.

Yes, I have some "welfare" PvP epics. I also have a decent epic gun from Karazhan, and epic ammo for my gun, which is much more important as a Hunter. (Ranged DPS needs a good ranged weapon? No way!) After destroying Yugiia a few times, I decided to look him up to see why he was so easy to kill when he wasn't with his buddies. Aside from an obvious lack of skill, he has some pretty crap equipment, and a really crap ranged weapon.

But he's got glowing shoulder pads! That's important, right?

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