Monday, June 4, 2007

Games for Windows LIVE

So, after finding out how to get on to this service, I've been playing a lot of Shadowrun on it. Shadowrun came with a 30 day free trial for Games for Windows LIVE - gold, so I can shoot people who are playing on an Xbox 360. And shoot them I do. I always have one of the highest kill counts on every game I join. It's pretty fun.

Is it $50 a year fun?

F**k no!

I get more features from Xfire - FOR FREE - than GFWL gold. They need to make this stuff free for PC players, or it's just not going to sell. We can do EVERYTHING Xbox live does for console players FOR FREE already. Xbox LIVE is great for Xbox owners, probably because a lot of them just don't game on their PCs. It's brings everything together for them, and has a s**tload of free features they can use, as well as extra pay features.

GFWL Gold has nothing. Ooh, I can get achievements, big whoop. That is not a $50 feature, it should be included with the f**king game. Voice chat - had it. Friends list - had it. Joining my friends in servers easily - had it.

I bought Vista just so I could eventually play these games. I'm not going to buy the game for $50 and then bend over and let you financially rape me again and again for "features" that the game should include anyway. And I guarantee they will start trying to make PC players pay for added maps and such, just like they do with the Xbox players. F**k that.

Dear Microsoft: Get bent.

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