Monday, August 20, 2007

Recovery: Day 5

I skipped yesterday, since there really wasn't much to say. Actually, there isn't too much to say today. My vision is better than it was before the surgery, but it's not close to as good as it was when I was wearing my glasses.

I'm pretty confident that it will heal, it's just taking longer than I would like. At least now I can do things like take walks and go shopping for short periods of time, although the lights in stores kill my eyes pretty quickly. (Headache inducing...)

On a totally unrelated topic:

I spent about a month last year (or the year before? I'm not sure now...) taking my Hunter to the Swamps of Sorrow every day for an hour, trying to get a Green Dragon Whelp pet to drop. I finally did it, and I was happy. I had my dragon pet.

My wife randomly kills a Searing Whelp last night while helping me on a quest and it drops a Whelp pet for her. Yeah, I was a little jealous.

1 comment:

Patrick said...

i tried for ever for a searing whelp. i must have killed thousands of the lil bastards but never got anything. it's a proven fact that druids always get shitty drops though. :D