Thursday, November 15, 2007

Corsair Memory

I was a naughty little monkey tonight.

For most men, this might mean that they made out with the secretary at work, or paid a hooker for some oral action.

For me, it means I spent money I shouldn't have on computer parts.

You see, the game Crysis came out yesterday. I've been waiting for a couple of years for this game, as it was made by the guys who made one of my all time favorite shooters, Far Cry. It looks fan-f**king-tastic. The downside is that you need to travel to the future and bring back PCs from 2010 to get it to run smooth at the very high graphic setting.

My PC runs it just fine in Medium, with a couple of settings turned up to high.

I don't want to run it with a couple of settings turned to high. I want to be high. Period. (I know, get the stoner jokes out of the way...) So, I am snapping up anything that might net me more power.

2 more GBs of DDR2 RAM should help out. Then I will have 4GB total. Of course, general 32-bit Windows weirdness will only be able to use about 3.2GB of that, but that ties in with my plan to order the 64-bit version of Vista when I get home. (It only costs $10 if you already own the 32-bit version)

Any anyway, there's a $40 rebate, bringing the price of this RAM to $52. I wish it cost that little when I bought the original 2GBs earlier this year for over $200.

Now, if the price of that Athlon 64 X2 6400 processor would just drop by another $50...


David said...

Phenom (Quad core) processors come out this week or next week (sometime this month) and ATI just put out their new graphics line the radeon 3875 for 219 bucks... It's a good year for computer parts!

Jeremy Star said...

Yeah, waiting for a Phenom myself. :)