Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The downstairs bathroom

Still working on this, albeit pretty slowly now. I've painted the threshold, some molding that was attached to the old, crap threshold, the wood frame around the mirror, and a good deal of my workbench downstairs. Hey, what are workbenches for if not saving your floor from the same mistreatment?

The sink is all hooked up, bolted to the wall, and working nicely. It leaked at first, but then I figured out that you can't be stingy with the plumbers tape.

The floor is mostly done, thanks to my wife. She did the difficult pieces that had to be cut in weird shapes. She's pretty much waiting for me to clear the plaster from the entryway and put down the threshold so she can finish.

Also, the paint doesn't smell too bad, so I might just paint all the woodwork this winter, so by summer all I will have to do is replace the walls. (And I say all because I am - as usual - clueless about how much work it will actually entail...)

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