Thursday, April 10, 2008

Work Insanity!

For those of you who don't know, until very recently I worked a weird schedule at my job. Four, 10 hour days in a row - 11am until 9pm - followed by four days off. During my days on (and also on parts of my "days off") I was expected to answer calls coming from our answering service. Basically, I was working 82 hours a week and getting paid for 40.

Now, they have "improved" my schedule. Instead of working 10 hours at the office, I now get to work 11 hours, from 9am until 8pm. And, I'm still "on call". Which means I'm expected to work when I am at home just like I would in the office. Basically I get to work 96 hours instead of 82.

Here's the kicker: When I get awakened in the middle of the night by a stupid customer and spend an hour on the phone - MY fucking phone, by the way - I then get to boot up MY PC and send an email to the office. Me being me, I cannot seem to fall asleep again. (I know other people who can't fall asleep after getting rudely awakened either, so it's not just me)

So, today I get a phone call from my fucking idiot of a boss at 5am. I call my fucking idiot of a customer back, and get off the phone around 6am. I send the email and inform my myriad of superiors that I will be about an hour late, since I need to sleep. By the time I get back to sleep, it's around 8am. Since I have to get up at 9am now, this sucks.

I roll in to the office around 10:20 am barely awake. (I went to bed at 1am, and still lay there for an hour - I'm a night person) Of course I get pulled in to a "meeting" where my vastly intelligent manager informs me that I am late. No fuck, shitface. Didn't I send an email about this?

So, I get reamed because I said exactly an hour, and I was 20 minutes late. Never mind that I said no such thing since about is not a synonym of exactly. Then they ream me for not having the entire help desk procedure book at home on MY PC. (Which of course nobody ever asked me to do, and I wouldn't have agreed to it had they...)

Then, my manager starts rambling about how I need to separate my personal life from my work life. Clearly he is just trying to sound like a professional manager and spout some work life shit he read about in a pamphlet advertising managerial classes that he never took. This guy has never been in charge of people before and has no fucking clue what he is doing. (I, on the other hand, have managed manufacturing as well as retail and can smell his cluelessness a mile away.)

I sat through his bullshit without saying a word, then went back to my desk. Again, if you know me then you know that had I opened my mouth obscenities would have buffeted my boss until my voice was loud enough to cause hearing damage.

Separate my personal and work life? OK, dumbfuck, that would mean you give me a company phone to call people on instead of using mine, you would give me a company laptop to put your company files on, and you would PAY ME for all the fucking time I work outside the office. Also, when I lose three hours of PERSONAL sleep from your WORK, I would be THREE HOURS FUCKING LATE!

It took all my willpower not to pick up my shit and fucking walk out of that shithole. I'm contemplating not going back tomorrow. I'm sure as fuck looking for a new job. I will be the second person to leave in as many weeks. Maybe those clueless fucktards will catch on when they are left with no employees, but I doubt it.

By the way, my fuck count rises with my blood pressure. Please excuse my fucking language.

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