Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Semi-new toy!

Hi-Point 995 9mm carbine. I actually got this a couple of weeks ago, but I was having issues with the magazine accepting 10 rounds and jamming. I think I have the issues sorted out now (after calling Hi-Point), so I added a Tasco red/green dot sight. I'm going to replace the stock with an ATI aftermarket stock soon, because the factory stock kind of sucks. And it's ugly.

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Huey148 said...

I got the .40, should of gotten the 9mm so I could put the ATI stock on. It doesn't look like they will be making one for the .40. Cool little plinker none the less. I got the red dot and compensator on mine. Looks OK. You can't find any fault with Hi Points customer servie, top notch and American made (right in Ohio where I live!).