Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life Update

I've been busy the past couple of weeks, so the blog has fallen behind the times. Here's the highlights:

  • Resigned from my job on Friday, July 11th. I felt that I had been mislead when I was hired, having been told that training was a month in Rockville, MD. They wanted me to go back for two more months. They also wanted me to do the team lead job without any authority to enforce it, without a pay raise, and being led by an employee who knows less than I do about the product and is leaving the company in less than a month. They also had an office manager second guessing me and sticking her nose in everywhere. All this basically led to people reporting to my boss that I wasn't doing my job. Basically a big political butramming designed to further someone else's career. If you know me at all, you know I'm pretty stubborn, and disinclined to put up with bullshit. Rather than sit meekly and take it, I resigned.
  • Had a tryout with a band. Or rather, had one scheduled, and they blew me off. I should not be surprised, considering the guitarist is someone that's done this to me before. Never again, I promise you.
  • Found another promising band, this one actually plays METAL! Nice, been looking for that for a long, long time.
  • I'm MCing my cousin's wedding in CO. Cool.
  • I'm trying out for the Customs and Border Protection officer positions that are open in Vermont. I'm sure I'll do fabulously until they check my credit. Story of my life. Credit does not make or break somebody's personality, but employers can't seem to understand that.

So, that's my story so far. I went to the Windmill craft place by Keuka lake with my mom and her 'roommate' last weekend, and this weekend we are all going to the Syracuse zoo and Dinosaur Barbecue. Mmmmmm, Dinosaur. Mmmmm, Barbecue.

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