Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sterling Renaissance Festival 2008

My wife and I went to the Sterling Renaissance festival this weekend with my mother and her roommate. Of course, I got picked out of the audience at one of the shows to play a part - Jack the Mackerel, King of Beggars. I got to sit in a chair and pick topics for songs and eat food, as well as toss grapes at peoples' mouths (which I totally suck at), judge a sandwich eating contest (which I declined to participate in), and laugh at the people who got splattered by egg when they refused to move for the egg toss competition.
Some bloke named Lenny showed up at the end with a cream pie, ostensibly for me. He asked me to repeat after him, "Lenny, give the cream pie to me", to which I repeated "Lenny, give the cream pie to Tom." I don't know what happens if you are dumb enough to repeat after him, but everyone seemed genuinely surprised that instead of refusing to repeat after him or blindly repeating after him, I instead altered the statement. After a second of hesitation, Lenny shrugged and smacked poor Tom in the face with a cream pie. That was very amusing.
Unfortunately (or, fortunately, depending on how you look at it) we didn't get pictures of my performance. My mom got some on her cell phone, but knowing how technically disinclined my mother is, it should take about 10,000 years before we ever get those.

Here I am trying on hats. I didn't actually buy any, but everyone thought I should get this one. Too bad nobody got a picture of me doing my best Errol Flynn impression when I put it on.

Knights and Ladies spinning their warhorses before a joust.

Jousting. Duh.

I also got to offroad for a bit in the parking lot after the festival closed. The "parking lot" is a big cow pasture full of mud. My Jeep is now covered in mud. I am happy.

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