Friday, December 19, 2008

Niki Alvey

Well, according to a comment on this very blog, I have a sister I didn't even know about. In fact, my mom didn't know about her either! Wow, fascinating.

Blogger Niki Alvey said...

Hey, Jeremy. I am trying to find your email address because I'm your sister, but you did a great job keeping it off of the web.


Talk to you soon. ;)

-- Niki

Well, "Sis", I keep my email address off the web because I don't want any more spam than I already get. Creative, but not creative enough. Perhaps you should try telling me a Nigerian prince has died and left me all his money? That may work.


Niki Alvey said...

Or this might work...

I should have said half sister. We have the same Dad. Seriously.

Larry and Jo put me up for adoption in '67. I talked to him and his wife Shirley right around the same time I first talked to Jo about 9 years ago.

Talk to you soon.

Unknown said...

And Jeremy let me tell you, your half sister ROCKS. <3
Jennifer Ani