Thursday, January 1, 2009

Finally, my dream gun is mine! FN PS-90 5.7x28mm

Never thought I'd have the money for one. My wife and I got some money from an inheritance, and then I couldn't find one for a reasonable price anywhere. (Thank you, people who fearmonger and intentionally skyrocket your prices to make a buck.) At the last minute, I found one an hour away in PA for a pre-freak-out-about-the-president price. (And in time to get the rebate from FNH, yeah!)

Of course, since I live in New York state, I can't have a magazine over 10 rounds, so I am forced to wait for some 10 round magazines I purchased online to try my new toy out.

A big thank to Chris at Advanced Arms in Pittston, PA for holding this gun and not being a price gouging douche! (And thanks for the super deal on the Surefire P6 LED flashlight!)

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