Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New WoW races

As reported @ , the new expansion should feature the Worgen as the new Alliance race, and Goblins as the new Horde race.

Hey, I'm all for that. I'd love a Worgen character. Actually, I'd probably start a new Worgen and transform one of my older characters into one as well. (Go, go paid character customization!)

Do I believe the rumor? Sure. They have only had Halloween masks for playable races so far, and these are now in as Halloween masks. They also have confirmed with their sources. And let's face it, when Draenei and Blood Elves were leaked before the BC announcement everyone called shenanigans. Those ended up being the real expansion races. I guess we'll all find out for sure ina couple of weeks when they announce it at Blizzcon. (Come on, Ozzy is playing. Bark at the Moon? Worgen? You know it's true.)

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