Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST series finale - explained

Already seeing massive complaints from people that do not get it.


They did not all die when the plane crashed. Everything that happened, happened. The "flash sideways" is a sort of limbo that they go to when they die. Christian Shepard explained it: Not everybody gets there at the same time, but we all die. Jack died next to Vincent in the bamboo after he saved the Island. Hurley and Ben and Desmond are all left on the Island, and Sawyer, Miles, Lapidus, Richard, Claire, and Kate all leave on the plane. They all live after the show ends, but eventually they all find each other in the church when they die and move on together to the afterlife.

No, the whole show wasn't a dream. No they weren't all dead in the beginning. No, the Island wasn't really hell.


Ms. Walsh said...

I understood that but still think the writers could have ended it better. It's like reading an essay someone wrote the night before it was due. It's done, but could be better.

Hampton Roads said...

great summary!

Barry said...

This was a rip off. What was the island? What was the point of ben turning the gosh damn wheel to send everyone back in time? Wss there divine intervention? or was the island more of an extra terrestrial origin? how did jacob create the monster? the show explained nothing for about 90% of what happened for 6 years. why could no children be conceived and then birthed on the island? If the island had a more theological origin, like it was implied by "purgetory" and the "church",etc, then why lead us to science or alien origin (almost impled when jacob said he created the smoke monster, and that it use to be human). who were the hostiles and what was thier origin. I could go on, but, why bother. The show was a rip off of 6 years. The writers had enough material to lead abc to give them the slot of time, and what not, but wrote in too many directions to keep us watching, and then just abandoned almost everything. CHEAP ending. So, for those who think the ending was brilliant, maybe abc should next make a 6 year long series of the "kings new clothes".

Fluffy said...

Dude, Jacob through his brother into the lightsource. That is how Jacob "created" Smokie. Duh. Watch the show.

And the rest of it... I don't know. Finale was a cop out. :(

Fluffy said...