Friday, July 16, 2010

Delta Children’s Products Eclipse Double Dresser - Black Cherry

One starHorrible quality, horrible company, July 16, 2010
Reviewer: J. Star "Agent.X7" (Endicott, NY 13760) - See all my reviews
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My in-laws ordered this for us 2 months before our baby was due. It's now 3 months after our baby was born, and this dresser is still in pieces in the baby's closet.

When we got the dresser, all of the wheels on the drawer tracks were broken, and the sides had big gouges in the wood. Target did not have this in stock, and we really wanted to finish putting it together, so we called Delta. Big mistake.

Delta sent us 2 replacement sides. Great, except that the sides they sent us did not fit the top of the dresser. Apparently they have 2 or three factories in Asia, AND THEY ALL MAKE THE PARTS A DIFFERENT WAY. So a dresser made in Thailand has parts that do not fit a dresser made in Vietnam. I guess corporate communication doesn't exist in Asia? Anyway, these replacement sides took weeks to get to us. Once we got them and realized they did not fit, we called Delta again. They promised to send us a new top, but it was back-ordered. And back-ordered. And after weeks of being on back-order, Delta finally promised to just send us a new Dresser. Meanwhile the baby had been born, and we still don’t have a place to put her clothes.

Finally a package arrived from Delta, 2 MONTHS LATER. Guess what? Yeah, it’s not a new dresser, but the top that had been on back-order. Guess what else? Yeah, it is THE SAME TOP WE ALREADY HAVE. It doesn’t fit the new sides either. After calling Delta for a week, we finally got them to send a new dresser. They refused to have it shipped to us by a faster means, so now we’re looking at 2 more weeks of waiting. I have zero hope that it will not be broken, or that it will actually fit together. I have very little hope that the Delta rep. isn’t lying to us again about sending a new dresser altogether.

Bottom line, Delta is a God-awful company and I will never purchase anything from them again, and will return gifts manufactured by them.