Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Thinking of upgrading from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to the Note 3?

Here are some things that I have noticed after a few days with the Note 3, coming from the Note 2:

  • Samsung Account - Makes it easy to share S-Notes from your phone to your Note tablet and vice-versa.
  • S-Note - redesigned. Note taking space now takes up more of the available screen space, while the interface takes up less. 
  • S-Note - The Pen is WAY more accurate thanks to the redesigned pen interface. 
  • S-Note - Erasing things is so much easier now. The eraser just wipes out the letters you run it over, so there's no more hitting the lines above and below it, or making the eraser head so small that you have to scrub the line multiple times. 
  • Touch keypad - WAY more accurate. (Just like the pen!) I cannot tell you how frustrating it was to try to type texts and emails on the Note 2, there are no words. The Note 3 is much easier. 
  • The Note 3 is slightly longer due to the increased screen size, but it weighs less and it's noticeable. (5.7 inch screen vs 5.3 on the Note 2)
  • The screen resolution is much better. (1080p)
  • The flip cover for the Note 3 has a front window that allows you to answer calls and use some basic functions without opening the cover. 
  • I feel better about myself because I now have the latest technology. 
I'm kidding about the last one, but the differences are not subtle. I was hesitant, and I only upgraded due to a special they were running, but once I was using the Note 3 I was happy I did upgrade. I use this phone to run my business, so I have to be comfortable using it for everything. 

Edited for excessive comma overuse. Parents are advised to monitor their children.