Monday, June 25, 2007

Well, Happy Birthday to me from Razer!

My wife walked out of the front door of our house today to find a gigantic box from Razer sitting on the front porch. I opened it to find over $200 worth of Razer products inside. A Tarantula keyboard, a green Copperhead mouse (My favorite color, sweet!), and an eXactmat/eXactrest combo (mouse pad/wrist-rest).

I know they are all for reviews, but it feels like a giant birthday gift. Even if I end up not liking any of it, at least it will be fun to test. So, after having a bad start to the day, I want to thank Razer for cheering me up.


Patrick said...

And all you did was complain about em! For shame!

Jeremy Star said...

Hey, I said even if I didn't like them, at least it would be fun to test. It's no my fault I didn't like them. :p