Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mouse Reviews

I swear, if I have to write one more review of a mouse, I'm going to go bonkers. Insane. Wacko. Nuts.

I have to fight the urge to write reviews that look like this:

Mouse X

Nope. Not it. Get a Razer DeathAdder or a Logitech G5.


I did have an interesting mouse that was supposed to be coming in for review, but I have yet to see after months of waiting. It was built sideways, supposedly for better ergonomics. That might have been fun. Perhaps I will bother that company tonight and see what the heck happened to it. With my luck they already went out of business.

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Adele Caelia said...

Hey! I didn't know you had a blog:) I just saw the link in the post you made under my preview:) Thanks for the comment. I try to hold back from saying anything:)