Friday, September 21, 2007

Ridiculous double standards in the workplace

Leaving a job:
If the company needs to lay you off for any reason: You are out of there immediately!
If your boss gets pissed at you: So long, terminated immediately!
If you screw up one too many times: Hasta la vista, pronto!

If you get so fed up with taking crap from people you work with, customers, and management; If you are annoyed by working years with only one raise, knowing that incompetent baboons unqualified to do their jobs make a lot more than you; If you are tired of doing other peoples' jobs on top of your own; If you are expected to work 10 hour days at the office and then take calls for hours at home, in the middle of the night, and during holidays; If you are so sick of policies that seem designed to make your life difficult and piss the customers off so that you lose more business that you ACTUALLY GO AND FIND ANOTHER JOB:

We expect you to give us two weeks notice. It's common courtesy.

Sure, bend me over and give it to me without lube for two and a half year and then expect me to turn around and thank you for the pleasure. I got your common courtesy, right f**king here, buddy!

When they ought to be thanking Jesus that you haven't showed up shirtless, wearing a red headband, and screaming Rambo quotes while you fire an M-60 in to the crowd, they are instead worried that you might somehow inconvenience them on the way out by not giving them two weeks to replace you. F**king amazing.

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jahtech said...

Ahhhh, does this mean you got the job? If it does then CONGRATS!!

Tomorrow should be interesting... :-)