Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I'm getting there...

The Brushed nickel outlet/lightswitch plates are on. They match the brushed nickel handles on the new cabinet, and the brushed nickel faucet. The cabinet is espresso, so I bought the same color paint to do the doors (that won't happen until summer)and the threshold, as well as the wooden frame around the mirror.

Right now the sink is just sitting on the cabinet because I need to bolt the cabinet to the wall and I don't have the bolts. (Thought I did...) Also, the a**hole that built this place did such a monkey-f**k job with the plumbing that I am having a hard time hooking up the water and drain.

I have insulated all the cracks that led to the basement under this room, from which there was a very cold draft. Now the bathroom is nice and toasty. I swear, if I ever meet the person who built this house I will beat him severely.

Anyway, the plan is to rip out the walls next summer and replace the sh***y wood paneling with Hardi-Backer boards. We're going to paint them white. Then add some molding on the floor, painted espresso. Hopefully this bathroom job will add some value to this house should we decide to sell it. It definitely makes it look nicer for us, though.

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