Friday, November 23, 2007

Self reviews

My "day" job has me filling out a self-appraisal form. I hate these things. They're like a resume for a company you already work for. You basically have to BS your way through it, since honest answers gain you nothing.

Name 3 major personal accomplishments in the last year. Are you joking? I help people remotely. It's all I have time for, since that's my main job function. What the hell is a major accomplishment?
Time to dig deep and pull something out of my ass, but what I really want to list is:

1 - I haven't quit and become unemployed, thus endangering my marriage and financial welfare.
2 - I haven't killed any of you bastards or the customers.
3 - I'm not in an asylum yet.

List three major disappointments. Well, this is much easier, but again, listing my real disappointments would probably cost me my job.

1 - You haven't fired my supremely incompetent supervisor yet.
2 - I didn't get the other jobs I interviewed for, so I still work here.
3 - I make a lot less money than some of the other people who work here who can't even do their own jobs. I have to help them and do my own job, and I work a lot more hours.

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