Monday, January 7, 2008

To Be Honest

It makes me nuts when people use this phrase, as they just have no clue how it is supposed to be used. I see it being used all the time when people are presenting an opinion. "To be honest, WoW is an EQ clone." What? Did the current generation all fail high school English?

I looked up the meaning of the original phrase, but I was more amused by what the folks at Urban Dictionary had to say about it:

To be Honest tbh
1. To be Honest

an incredibly over-used refuge for the inarticulate to máke a point of statement. Can be used in any sentence as long as you agree with yourself.

i really don't like to stick pineapples up my be honest. But have you tried a cucumber?
by moose head france (but english) May 7, 2005 email it

2. to be honest

Absolutely pointless statement, that adds nothing to any conversation it is included in. Used by dumbasses to sound "smarter" or "prove a point".Also see: to be
, frankly, honestly

To be honest, I'm full of bullshit.
tags bullshit lies to be honest my ass untrue assholes
by hi, my name is Name South Carolina Aug 30, 2007 email it

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