Thursday, March 27, 2008

Movies I've been watching

Recently I picked up I Am Legend and The Mist on DVD.

I Am Legend is a pretty decent end of the world type movie, sort of in the same vein as 28 Days Later or Dawn of the Dead. I have to say, however, that it would have been much better if they had gone with the alternate ending as opposed to the theatrical one. It just made more sense. Will Smith is pretty good, as usual, but some of the effects are lame, and the movie seemed a bit rushed. Those of you expecting a story close to the original book will be disappointed, but if you watch with an open mind it's very entertaining.

The Mist, on the other hand, is a fucking brilliant bit of film-making. It's scary, tense, intelligent, and the ending will haunt you. Thomas Jane leads a wonderful cast of actors through this Stephen King adaptation. I cannot say enough good things about this movie, it's just that cool.

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