Thursday, March 27, 2008

UTG mini-14 picatinny mount

Just an update on the Leapers UTG picatinny mount.

I put in on the gun last week and took it to the range. My first time out with it, it was horrible. It loosened every other shot, and there was no way to zero the scope. My fingers were also numb from the bitter cold and the driving winds, and I gave up after 40 rounds.

This week I went back to the range. The mount performed flawlessly. The scope could not be held any tighter than it is on this mount.

The difference? When I wasn't freezing, it was much easier to crank the snot out of the allen bolts that hold the mount securely on the gun. I can't even budge it when I try now.

For $30, it's probably the best way to mount a scope so that you can still use the iron sights, plus you get a left side rail to mount a flashlight or a laser. UTG has my approval.

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