Saturday, April 19, 2008

Syracuse Gun Show

Went to the 'Cuse today to shop around at the gun show. Didn't find any guns that I wanted (at least not that I could afford), but I did pick up some pre-ban 20 round magazines for my Ruger Mini-14. I bought John Masen magazines from John Masen himself, which was pretty neat. I don't know how well they are going to work (had some issues loading them), but we'll see.
I also picked up an old army 7.62 ammo dry box, and a shitload of ammo for my AKM and M44.
Speaking of M44s, holy crap they were EVERYWHERE! About 1 in 5 people I walked by had a newly purchased M44 slung over their shoulder.

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Huey148 said...

The M44 is one of the best bargains to be had these days. I love the reaction I get letting the first BOOM!! go downrange as everyone looks up! Got to love the 7.62x54!! this is me on the range with mine

I forgot my regular range glasses (I have prescriptions), the goggles are prescription WileyX SG-1s that I used in Iraq last year. They are sitting on my fat head wrong with the ear muffs. if you couldn't guess with the hair I am retired now.