Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Crysis: Warhead - Dual SMG fix

Just got Crysis Warhead home. Loving it so far. However, I noticed that since I assigned Mouse 2 to Jump, instead of the default Zoom function, I cannot fire my second SMG without jumping. You'll have the same weird issue with any function you reassign Mouse 2 to.

To fix this, you need to open your Vista documents folder. (Default is c:/Users//Documents/My Games/Crysis_Warhead/Profiles/Default)
Once in the default folder (or whatever you named your profile) right click on actionmaps.xml and choose open with, and then select Notepad.

Once you have this file open, scroll down and look for:

action name="attack2" onPress="1" onRelease="1"
key name="mouse2"/

Go ahead and change "mouse2" to whatever key you assigned zoom to, or to whatever key you wish.

Click file at the top and save.

Now you can rock dual SMGs without any weird secondary behavior. (Jumping every time you shoot sucks!)

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