Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fuck you, NY State. Seriously.

So I get a letter from the NYS Department of Labor on Tuesday. (July 5th) Being that it is from a NY governmental agency, the letter itself really makes no sense. Our unemployment has dropped below 8%, so instead of 20 weeks of extended benefits, we only get 13. And a lot of other stuff that tells you basically nothing.

As I originally understood it, benefits would continue until the end of this year. Which was great, because I have only one more semester left in college before I get my AAS degree. So, I was thinking, OK, seven weeks shortened from that means I will be dipping into savings to live the last seven weeks of school.

And then we checked with the NYS DOL today. Oh, no, they tell us, YOUR benefits end next week!


First of all, one week's notice? Thanks for that, assholes.

Secondly, 13 from 20 is 7 weeks. If it was supposed to run until December 31st, how is 7 weeks shorter July 11th?

Thirdly, what kind of fucking retard writes a bill that bases extending help to people off of an imaginary number. Look, if the unemployment rate drops below X%, we can drop it even lower by kicking more people off of unemployment! We'll look great! (Except for all the starving out of work people that we don't count because we're not paying them...)

So, in conclusion: Fuck you, NY State. Fuck you right up your stupid ass. (And I include our wonderfull bill-writer as well. FUBO!)