Monday, December 5, 2011

Bonus Clue

Here's a bonus clue for all you stupid people: Always, and I mean ALWAYS, question things. Do not ever, under any circumstances, accept that what you are told is the God's honest truth of the matter. It may very well be, but don't accept that it is unless you have looked into the matter.

Case in point, a recent article wherein a climatologist claimed to want to clear the air about the "misconception" that the majority of climate experts do not agree about man-caused global warming. he claimed that the majority do agree, and that any claim otherwise is certain media outlets lying to support their own views. For two pages he went on about the consensus that man has indeed caused global warming. And yet, nowhere in the article did it mention how he knew that the majority of climate scientists agreed. Did they ask every climate scientist on the planet and compile the answers? Did they send out a questionnaire?  Did he only ask people that attended a Global Warming conference? Or - more likely - did he just fucking make it up?

Unfortunately, a lot of you will just swallow his story whole, accepting that as the truth without even stopping for a moment to ponder how it is possible that there is a consensus according to him, and yet there is no consensus according to others. There's not even a consensus on a consensus.