Sunday, May 6, 2007


I've been watching this show on When my wife and I first saw the ads on TV (Waaaaay back before Lost took a few months off...) we thought it looked pretty stupid. Well, I love it when I am proven wrong. No, I don't, but I love that I was wrong about this show. No, I don't. Anyway, I'm glad the show is good.

It's a take on the classic sci-fi plot that has been in just about every sci-fi show I have watched: A guy is stuck in a time-loop that has him repeating the same day over and over until he figures out why or fixes something. Hell, Bill Murray even starred in a film with the same concept.

At first I couldn't see how this would be interesting if it was dragged out over the course of an entire season of a show, but this show is really doing a good job of keeping it flowing. I'm glad to see that they did 13 episodes and stopped. I'm about halfway through watching them, and it seems like 13 episodes is enough to cover the plot, but not enough to let it get old. If this ends well, I'd even be willing to buy this on DVD, it's that good so far. Hell, I'd be willing to watch another season, as long as it wasn't the same guy. (I doubt it would be, since Taye Diggs is supposed to be on some medical show soon. The one with the guy from those 80s movies whose name I cannot remember, probably because I don't like those type of shows...)

While I am raving about how good this show is, I have to make mention of my two favorite time-looping episodes from other shows.

The first is, of course, the Stargate Sg-1 episode Window of Opportunity, where O'Niell and T'Ealc are repeating the same day. While attempting to unravel the mystery, they take some time to enjoy the lack of consequences for their actions. (Driving golf balls through the Stargate, kissing Carter, etc...) This episode is actually one of my all time favorite Stargate episodes, aside from being my favorite time-loop episode, due to the humor.

The second is an episode of the show 7 Days. The show dealt with time-travel anyway, but when the main character gets stuck repeating a loop, he goes ballistic. Instead of waiting for things to keep happening to him, he heads them off with hilarious results. (Walking in to a diner, handcuffing one man to his stool, knocking the sheriff out, then sitting down and asking for a cup of coffee without explanation.) (Episode: Deja Vu All Over Again)

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