Sunday, May 13, 2007

Time, there's just not enough.

So, I was going to work on my Death Adder review today, right after my mom dropped off her late wedding present. Sure. Too bad the late wedding present was a new dishwasher, and it took me three hours to figure out that, no, I can't install it myself. Actually, I could install it myself, I just don't want to anymore.

You see, in that three hours time, I made it rain in the basement, cut myself on a sharp edge, discovered our cabinets were installed by an idiot, and actually managed to get the old dishwasher unhooked and thrown on to the back porch. Now, the new dishwasher has the electrical hookup and the water drain and intake on the opposite side from the old one. Moving those would take quite some time, and a bunch of supplies and tools I don't have. So, I could buy all that crap, or pay someone one hundred dollars to do it for me. I think it's going to be cheaper to pay someone.

Well, after discovering that I didn't want to install the dishwasher anymore, I had to fix the cabinets. The ones that were installed by an idiot. I'm not sure who decided that just propping them up on scrap wood was a good idea, but that person should be beaten. With his crappy scrap wood.

So, now the cabinets are all nice and immobile, and...oh God where did the day go? I was going to put up shelves for storage in the basement and trim the hedges and then relax today. Uh huh.

I trimmed one hedge while my wife was making dinner. In the dark. Then I managed to track mud all over the house before I noticed my sneakers were dirty. Arg.

Tomorrow I'm relaxing. That's what I keep telling myself. Too bad it's always today, and never tomorrow.

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