Monday, July 16, 2007

Busy weekend.

Friday - Drove to Syracuse, met with the nice people at Lasik Pro Vision. It seems I will be having my eye surgery in the USA after all. (They have a nice promotion going on, and the best laser.)

So, August 15th I get my eyes fixed. Yay!

Saturday - Drove to Centereach on Long Island to visit my wife's friends, the Hubbs. (And therefore, by extension, my friends) Apparently they have a get together every year they like to call the "Hubbaloo". It was a nice time. I think I may have overindulged a bit, but that's what islands are for, right?

Sunday - The in-laws came home (we were staying at their house) and we all went to a nice dinner at an overpriced restaurant on the water. There I got to people watch, and observed many couples I referred to as "Princess and Meathead". Ah, Long Island Italians. We also got to see the new Harry Potter movie. Fun was had by all.

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