Saturday, July 21, 2007


I actually went to the theater to see this movie. It cost me about $20 to see it with my wife. I wish I had just bought it hen it came to DVD.

Not that it was a bad movie, it was actually fairly entertaining. I think I prefer the old comic version from when I was a kid, but it was cool to see the robots all done up in CGI. No, what sucked was that there were only about 15 other people in the theater, and somehow we still got stuck with a bunch of retards making noise all through the film. No, asshole, it's not amusing in the least when you repeat lines and bray like a damn donkey. No, it's not fun for the rest of us when your 4 year old daughter keeps asking questions loudly. (And what he fuck was she doing there at a PG-13 movie at midnight, anyway?)

Of course, the warning came when these pleasant people walked in to the theater during the previews, and the fat-ass wife exclaims loudly "I don't think there's anybody else in here! Oh, there is? Well, sorry!"

It should be legal to remove people like this from the gene pool.

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