Sunday, July 29, 2007

Uldaman recipe for success

Here's how to take a group of level 40 somethings in to the Uldaman dungeon in World of Warcraft and win!

Take one level 42 shaman. (Me)
Add to a pre-existing group consisting of a level 42 rogue, and a level 42 hunter.
Add a priest. Whoops, she's a shadow priest, and says she
can't heal. (She tells us to have me heal.)
Add a warrior. One who refuses to use a shield.

Stir in to Uldaman. Laugh when the warrior refuses to heed advice and charges headlong in to every group of enemies that exist. (Regardless of other peoples health and mana levels.)

Laugh when the priest lets us get wiped by refusing to heal. She then quits because nobody was healing her.

Whole party gets frustrated, Uldaman for the win!

Holysoul - Get bent, you whiny bitch. Even though you are a shadow priest, you are still a better healer than an elemental shaman. In a party with a hunter and a rogue, you do not need to DPS as much as you need to heal. Learn to play your class.

Lilnatz - I've probably seen dumber warriors, but just barely. You might want to reroll, or - even better - join the horde. I hear they're looking for a few good dumbasses.

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